How To Choose Between The Different Roofing Options

For new homeowners the choices to make for their roofing options are many and this makes it hard to select the best option for your home. The types of roofs available are; clay and tiles, asphalt, cedar roofing, slate roofing, shingles, and many more. One gets confusions when you get many options to select from. You wonder how you would select the best option for your new home which is more elegant, durable, and more so economical. For you to make this informed decision, you need to take much of your time doing some roofing research.

Factors that you should consider when choosing your roof

Environment: You need first to evaluate the conditions of the environment you live in before deciding on your roofing materials. In case you live in an environment which has moist and damp, you may be forced to avoid wooden shingles. You may however consider wooden roofing options like cedar roofing because it is more resistant to rot and decay.

Budget: What you have in your pocket or account would mostly consider the type of roofing you will have to install. You can use your roofing contractor to help in budgeting for the best roofing option within your budget.

Energy and Conventional Efficiency: The roof with energy efficiency can assist in reducing your home energy bill consumption. Hence the essential decision would be to select between eco-friendly and conventional roofing options.

Roofing options before a homeowner

Wooden shingles: The wooden roofing, specifically cedar roofing shingles are prone to preventing rot and decay and hence would last longer compared to other wooden materials. You can get both hands tapered and swan as well as swan cedar roofing. (agdertak)

Asphalt roofing: It is mostly known for its being highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and does not last long. The asphalt roofing could your optimum choice because it is less expensive than slate and clay roofing. With proper maintenance, asphalt roofing can last for more than twenty years. (

Slate roofs: It helps to add classier as well as durability to your home roof. If properly maintained, the slate roofing can last for more than ten years. However, it’s an expensive roofing option since it requires skilled stonemasons to install it. (

Metal roofing: Mostly preferable for its durability and the ability to reflect the sun rays to keep the house interior cool. The two common types of metals used in metal roofing are Galvalume and Galvanized. Galvalume is a roofing material that is mostly used in areas that get affected by the hurricane.

You may have to consult the experts in roofing to find the best roofing option for your new home.